Mana is the essence of life throughout the multiverse. The elves refer to this as The Spark of Life. When something fades away, its life essence is absorbed only to be reused in the next cycle of life. It is because of this that Mana is rare in Arcadia. Only those descendent of the Five have the ability to influence the cosmic energies that make up the multiverse. It, however, does not manifest within every offspring, it often skips generations, making Mana wielders a very uncommon occurrence within Arcadia.
The ability to access Mana to create effects is incredibly difficult. Tapping into the fundamental life essence of the multiverse requires practice, dedication and belief.
There are two different types of Mana and therefore two different ways that it is used. Each class interacts with Mana in its own way. I’ve given a few examples how, but you’re welcome to come up with your own, provided it fits within the Arcadia setting.

Arcane Magic is called Pure Mana as it comes from the most natural places of the multiverse. These Casters are called Manipulators. They express their will upon Mana, fabricating it to achieve their goals. They draw Mana from its source.

Wizards may see these energies as mathematical curiosities, equations to be solved. Their ability to change and finish them allow them to create, destroy, and transform the Mana around them.

Sorcerors don’t as much see Mana as feel it. They have a personal connection and thus have an innate ability to weave their desires into the energies of Mana, commanding it to do what they want. The Sorcerors motto is “You just have to want something, and let yourself have it”.

Bards hear the music of the multiverse. Conducting and composing their own symphonies into the sheet music of life. They pluck the strings of Mana, and each new chord brings about a new shape of existence.

Divine Magic is called Spirit Mana as it comes from the power of Prayer, the chosen few of the Gods, and the transcendent union of one with Mana. Divine Casters are called Conduits. These casters channel Mana that doesn’t exist on the natural plane, usually from their deity.

Prophets (Clerics) speak the word. Channeling the Mana of their Gods as mouth pieces, intermediaries, so that the inspired word is heard everywhere. Their words manifest the will of their Gods, commanding Mana to produce miracles. Prophets provoke awe and dread at the same time. For if God is with them, who can stand against them?

Druids are one with Mana. Rather than commanding life energies, Druids harmonize with the cycle of life. Their power comes with being at peace with nature and the natural cycles of the universe, pursuing a union with Mana.

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